Diet Food Supplements are the 100% BIO dietary supplements created on the basis of herbs, algae or plants whose properties help to provide our body with essential vitamins, minerals and active substances. All you need is just a few pills a day to feel a positive change in the body’s functioning. Supplements from the diet food supplements line are an extension of the broad line of dietfoods superfoods. The products are 100% natural, have a BIO certificate and are produced in European Union.

Bio supplements:

Bio maca root
Bio ashwagandha
Bio barley grass
Bio wheat grass
Bio baobab
Bio acerola kompleks
Bio moringa
Bio chlorella
Bio spirulina
Bio chlorella + spirulina
Bio chlorella + spirulina + barley grass juice
Bio spirulina + cordyceps
Bio spirulina + ginseng

conventional supplements:

Calcium + vit. D3
Garlic Oil
Calcium + zink + iron
melatonin + vit. B6
Coenzyme Q10
Bilberry + lutein
Vit. E
Calcium + magnesium