For frying, baking, cooking or as addition to the dish – in our assortment you can find  bio oils and fats, with a wide range of applications.

Organic Coconut Oil –  It is made from the coconut pulp. It is a non-refined oil, nonbleached and with the natural taste of coconut. May be used for baking, frying, salad or dressing. Jar – 250, 500 or 1000ml.

Organic Coconut Mousse – a concentrated form of coconut flesh and oil. Removing moisture gives a form of creamy paste. Great for desserts and Asian cuisine. Jar – 500ml.

Organic Coconut Oil – refined – It is made from the coconut pulp. May be used for baking, frying, salad or dressing. Jar – 1000ml.

Ghee Butter – is a clarified organic butter. Proteins and other substances were cleared out from the butter to obtain a pure fat, which will not emit any unhealthy substances while frying. Ghee gives a nice, buttery taste to the dishes and does not increase the cholesterol level in blood. Ghee butter is a rich source of vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants. Jar – 300g.

Coco Ghee – it’s a mix of bio clarified butter and an organic unrefined coconut oil. Ghee butter gives dishes a pleasant buttery taste and the coconut oil adds a note of coconut flavor. COCO GHEE is an excellent combination for a safe and healthy frying. Jar – 300g.

Argan Oil – 
It has a slightly nutty flavor, it tastes so sensationally with both meat dishes and as an addition to salads. It also reduces bad cholesterol. It is recommended to consume cold, do not use for frying. Bottle – 250ml.