Choco-pudding with chia seeds

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– 5 tbsp of Super Chia seeds
– 150ml of water
– 2 tbsp of raw Super Cacao powder
– 50g of maple syrup
– 50g of honey
– 100g of bitter raw chocolate
– 150g of Organic Coconut Oil
– pinch of salt

nut topping:
– 50g of walnuts
– 50g of almonds
– 50g of hazelnuts

Put Super Chia seeds into a bowl and cover with water. Put aside and wait till it transforms into thick slime. In the meantime set a bowl over boiling water and melt chocolate in it with some salt and coconut oil. Mix almonds with walnuts and hazelnuts into a coarse powder. Now mix in a different bowl soaked chia seeds with maple syrup and honey. After approx. 1 min add melted chocolate to it and continue mixing. When it’s ready, pour it into the bowls and add mixed nuts as a topping. You can also add some of the nuts into the pudding itself, so it becomes smooth and crunchy at the same time.