Black soybean spaghetti with tomatoes & gralic

Black soybean spaghetti with tomatoes & gralic

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– 1 pack of black soybean spaghetti
– olive oil
– 2 ripe tomatoes
– two cloves of garlic
– a handful of fresh basil
– sea salt
– a small handful of pumpkin seeds
– a bit of lemon juice

– 2 tablespoons of inactive yeast flakes

Boil water in a large pot, add salt and pasta when ready. In the meantime cut tomatoes into small cubes and tear roughly basil leaves. Roast pumpkin seeds dry and put them into a small bowl. Now you can put all together. Drain pasta and put it back to the pot. Add a fair amount of olive oil, little lemon juice, pressed garlic, add the fresh tomatoes, most pumpkin seeds and basil. Mix everything and put into bowls. Sprinkle top with remaining pumpkin seeds and basil leaves. At the discretion, you can also sprinkle yeast flakes on top, which have a pleasant, light beer-like and cheese flavor.