• Lithothamne - Sea Algae powder 100 g

LITHOTHAMNE is a source of digestible calcium and magnesium, promoting good bone mineralization. High and long-lasting buffering capacity, can help neutralize acid secretion in the stomach. Balances the ratio of calcium to phosphorus in grain rations.

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Diet-Food LITHOTHAMNE - sea algae powder

Lithothamnium is a unique algae from the North Atlantic. A special feature of this algae is its ability to bind naturally occurring minerals in seawater, especially calcium. Over time, this causes the algae to take on a bright red to white color and then resemble corals. The ability to bind minerals from seawater results in a high concentration of minerals in the algae, especially calcium and magnesium. It also contains trace elements such as chromium, copper, iron, iodine, selenium, manganese, potassium and sulfur. This is what makes this raw material so unique as a high-quality natural source of calcium for the production of dietary supplements. Advantages of Lithothamnium: • High in calcium • Natural raw material • Contains magnesium and trace elements • Without preservatives • Use in various dosage forms (tablets, powder, liquid) • High bioavailability

Preparation method

Use once a day (do not exceed the daily dose of 3.5 g)

Composition and allergic information

  • 100% powdered lithothamnium algae
Allergic Information:
  • The product may contain gluten, nuts

Storage instructions

Store in a dry place and reseal tightly after each use. Keep away from children.

Packaging Type

  • Recyclable foil bag
  • Closing the so-called string   Discard the packaging in the yellow container.

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  • Zamykanie z tworzywa sztucznego tzw. strunowe

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