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We are company that exists for the Polish market almost 25 years. The company started from the export and import of vegetables and fruits. Since 2013, after the market analysis we decided to change a character of our business. We've noticed that more and more people care about what they eat, that there is a growing demand for healthy, organic food. We have decided to meet their needs. In 2013 we started to import and sell under own brand Diet-food.pl konjac noodles.

A year later, in 2014, we have expanded our range of products in category superfood and argan oils.  For sale we have, among others, bio barley grass, bio maca, bio acai berries, bio hemp protein, and mixes of superfoods: bio Super Day, bio Super Slim and bio Super Detox.

Our company is the manufacturer, so that the client can be sure that all products are the highest quality, and thanks to the fact that the products are hand packed, characterizes us as working with apothecary precision.

Our raw materials come from BrazilPeruRomania and China. All products have organic quality certificates issued by the appropriate bodies.

As the  manufacturer, we can offer services to other companies.


Products can obtain the label in any language or we can do stickers (pasta, sponges).

We are very flexible in business.

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