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Terms and Conditions of www.diet-food.pl online store.


1. The owner of an online store is PPHU Mipama E.Z.Szafarz sp.j. based in Opatówek 62-860, ul. Rogatka 7a, NIP 968-087-83-20, REGON 300181716, hereinafter referred to as the Seller.

2. The customer placing an order is called later in the Rules of Procedure - the Buyer.

3. The Seller reserves the right to make changes to the Rules at any time. Amendments to the Regulations in force from the moment of placing them on the website store. Amendments to the Regulations may not violate rights acquired Shoppers using the Online Shop www.diet-food.pl. The changes do not apply to those customers who entered into a purchase agreement.

4. Address for correspondence.


ul. Rogatka 7a

62-860 Opatówek



Seller's bank account number:

PL 55 1090 1128 0000 0001 0465 7979

5. Enquiries may be directed to biuro@diet-food.pl e-mail address or telephone number +48 (62) 7670475. Complaints should be addressed to biuro@diet-food.pl. To call the  shop is possible from Monday to Friday 8.00 to 16.00.

6. This Regulation lays down rules for the use of an online store available at www.diet-food.pl.


1. The offer presented on the site is a commercial offer.

2. The time of conclusion of the agreement is the moment of acceptance of the offer by the Purchaser Store whereas by an order in the manner specified in Section III.

3. Presented prices are denominated in Polish zloty and include VAT. Prices do not include shipping costs. Shipping costs are added as a separate item in the basket. Information about the price of a consignment is administered prior to the conclusion of the contract of sale.

4. For each shipped order we enclose receipt or invoice.


1. It is presumed that you have an online store is familiar with the contents of the Rules before ordering.

2. Purchasing online store may be made only people with the Polish law legal capacity.

3. The contract is executed under the condition properly completed order form and select the method of payment and delivery.

4. After placing an order buyer will receive an order confirmation by phone or electronically.

5. Shop www.diet-food.pl, reserves the right, in case of doubt, the right to verify the order by phone or email. In the absence of contact and verify the order, reserve the right to suspend the execution of the contract.

6. Order will be realized not later than the fifth working day after the order.

7. Where, due to lack of ordered goods, the completion of the contract is not possible within the time limit, the Buyer will be notified of incomplete orders. In addition, it is informed of the possibility of accomplishing it at a later time or date of an incomplete normal but its implementation and the possibility of its cancellation.

8. In the event of a decision by the Buyer (if the shop is not able to complete the entire contract) on the implementation of the contract, the remaining amount (in case of prepayment) will be refunded to the designated account.

9. In the event that the Buyer's decision to abandon the contract (if the store is not able to complete the entire order), the entire amount will be returned to the Buyer (in case of prepayment) to an account appointed by him.

10. Ordered goods are shipped to the buyer immediately after its completion, and if you choose a bank transfer after recognizing our bill (with payment by DotPay receive payment confirmation within 20 minutes).



1. Shipments are carried out only in the working days.

2. Shipment is carried out is 1 to 5 days.

Available methods of delivery of ordered products:

    Polish Post SA


    Personal collection

3. Please be advised that due to the limited ability to control cross-border mail, we send the goods within Polish Republic, UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Hungary, France.


1. Shipping costs to the Buyer.

Post Poland-priority mail

Package Weight:

0,3 kg - 8,50 pln

from 0.3 kg to 30kg- 12,00 pln, international shipping costs You can find in the section "shipping" on this web page.

1. The order can be paid in the following manner.

Transfer the service "dotpay" - a service that allows you to pay by credit card or fast transfer of selected Polish banks.


1. The customer has the right to return the goods within 14 days from the date of purchase (receipt of the goods) without giving any reason at its own expense, provided that this cost is repaid to him if there was a return of the cheapest available form of shipment.

2. In the event that the delivered goods are defective, any complaints will be processed within 14 days of receipt of the complained product. If the complaint shop covers the costs of returning the product being advertised.

3. Both the complaints and refunds will be considered accompany a consignment of proof of purchase (receipt or invoice).


Personal data are placed in a secure store database, which is protected from access by third parties. Processing of personal data contained in the database is done only for the purpose of the contract and for marketing purposes store to improve the quality of our services. Storage of personal data is carried out in accordance with the principles contained in the Act of 29 August 1997. (Dz. U. of 1997. No. 133, item. 883). Our customers have the right to inspect and processing of your personal data and the right to request their removal.


1. The Seller shall make every effort to ensure that any contentious situations were dealt with amicably and for the benefit of the Buyer.

2. In case no agreement is reached, situations disputes will be resolved through the courts.

3. The Regulations took effect on 01-09-2013 r. Amendments to the Rules will be published on www.diet-food.pl.

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