Diet-Food BIO ROOIBOS - Tea 100 g
Diet-Food BIO ROOIBOS - Tea 100 g
Diet-Food BIO ROOIBOS - Tea 100 g

Diet-Food BIO ROOIBOS - Tea 100 g

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Diet-Food BIO ROOIBOS - Tea 100 g

Rooibos is the name of a drink made from the leaves of aspalathuslinearis growing in southern Africa, in the Rooiberge Mountains.

Rooibos is a great alternative to traditional tea, it is characterized by a special delicacy of taste and an original aroma.

How do I make my perfect rooibos tea and what are the benefits of consuming rooibos tea?


Rooibos tea contains flavonoids that act as antioxidants: aspalatin and notophagin.

These two compounds are very effective in scavenging free radicals in the human body.

According to some studies, the antioxidant activity of rooibos is almost equal to that of green tea. In this regard, there has recently been evidence that the antioxidant activity of rooibos tea has a protective effect on DNA strand disruption.

Cardiovascular benefits

Rooibos is also good for heart health and has cardioprotective properties by inhibiting apoptosis.

In addition, rooibos has been found to significantly improve lipid profile as well as redox status, both important for heart disease in adults at risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Finally, rooibos tea was found to exert an effect on the cardiovascular system by inhibiting ACE activity.

It helps with diabetes

Rooibos tea can be beneficial for people with diabetes. Aspalatin - one of the main compounds found in rooibos - is responsible for inhibiting the rise in fasting blood glucose. It also improves glucose tolerance by stimulating glucose uptake in muscle tissues and the secretion of insulin from the pancreas

Net weight: 100 g

Country of origin: South Africa


  • 100% bio rooibos.

Allergic Information:

The product may contain soy, nuts and gluten.

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