Diet-Food BIO TAHINI PASTE - 300 g
Diet-Food BIO TAHINI PASTE - 300 g
Diet-Food BIO TAHINI PASTE - 300 g
Diet-Food BIO TAHINI PASTE - 300 g

Diet-Food BIO TAHINI PASTE - 300 g

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Diet-Food BIO TAHINI PASTE - 300 g

Natural, certified organic sesame paste without any additives, prepared only from roasted sesame seeds.

How does Bio Nutty Cream from Diet-Food differ from traditional nut creams generally available?

Traditional nut creams are a mix of various ingredients, both desirable as nuts or nut pulp, and negative ones, such as large amounts of white sugar or worse, palm oil or preservatives in the form of flavor enhancers or preservatives.

Our creams have only certified bio ingredients, carefully selected from controlled crops. Creams from Diet-Food are a maximum of three ingredients.

Remember the nut creams from Diet-Food are:

  • Zero preservatives
  • Zero palm oil
  • Zero unhealthy white sugar

How can i consume diet-food organic nut creams?

It tastes best when eaten straight from the jar, but it is also suitable as an addition to sandwiches, pancakes, smoothies, porridge, as an ingredient in homemade cakes, cookies or oriental dishes. Surprise yourself and your friends with the possibilities of our delicious bio nut creams.

I'm on a ketogenic diet, can I consume nut creams?

Naturally, the line of these delicious products was created typically for people on a ketogenic diet. High fat content with a low carbohydrate index is essential in this diet, at the same time we recommend these creams to vegetarians and vegans.

Nutritional values in 100 g:

  • energy value
    2397 kJ / 573 kcal
  • fat 50 g
    including saturated 7 g
  • carbohydrates 12 g
    including sugars 0.3 g
  • protein 11.8 g
  • salt 0.0 g

Net weight: 300 g
Country of origin Poland


  • 100% ground, roasted bio sesame seeds

The top layer of oil is a natural phenomenon. Before use, mix well.

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