Diet-Food MCT C8 COCONUT OIL - 250ML
Diet-Food MCT C8 COCONUT OIL - 250ML
Diet-Food MCT C8 COCONUT OIL - 250ML

Diet-Food MCT C8 COCONUT OIL - 250ML

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Diet-Food MCT C8 COCONUT OIL - 250ML

MCT fatty acids are medium chain fatty acids. Our coconut MCT oil is 100% coconut oil, unlike MCT oil obtained from palm oil. MCT coconut oil supplementation is especially recommended for athletes and people with increased physical activity. MCT C8 oil consists of 99% caprylic acid.

How can I consume MCT C8 Oil from Diet-Food?

The recommended daily dose, depending on the body's predisposition, is 3-4 tablespoons. We recommend MCT C8 oil as an addition to dressings, salads, sauces and soups.

I am vegan, is it safe to use MCT C8 oil for me?

Yes. Our MCT C8 oil is 100% coconut oil with no additives. It can be eaten by vegans and vegetarians, and is especially dedicated to people who follow a ketogenic diet.

Nutritional values in 100 g:

  • energy value
    3890 kJ / 930 kcal
  • fat 100 g
    including saturated fatty acids 100 g

- caproic acid 0.2 g
- caprylic acid 99 g
- capric acid 0.2 g
- lauric acid 0.1 g

Net weight: 250 ml
Country of origin: Philippines


  • 100% MCT C8 coconut oil

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