Diet-Food BIO FLAX + COCOA + LUCUMA -...
Diet-Food BIO FLAX + COCOA + LUCUMA -...
Diet-Food BIO FLAX + COCOA + LUCUMA -...

Diet-Food BIO FLAX + COCOA + LUCUMA - 200 g

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Diet-Food Bio+ Super Flax + Cocoa + Lucuma 200 g

BIO+ SUPER FLAX is ground linseed + ground cocoa beans + lucuma. The product is 100% natural and organic, which means you will not find any additives in the form of dyes, fillers, regulators, preservatives and other unhealthy substances.

How can i consume Bio Super Flax?

Eat BIO+ SUPER FLAX the way you like it. Consume up to 30g per day by adding to your favorite smoothie, shake. Stir in muesli, cereals or porridge. Sprinkle on muffins, pancakes or salad.

What ingredients necessary for the body does Bio+ Super Flax mix?

  • It contains flavanoids that have a beneficial effect on the heart.
  • Provides magnesium, which is an element necessary for the functioning of the body.
  • It is a source of iron that transports oxygen to every cell of the body, reducing fatigue.

Nutritional values in 100 g:

  • energy value
    1314 kJ / 314 kcal
  • fat 9.07 g
    including saturated 1.03 g
  • carbohydrates 15.72 g
    including sugars 3.53 g
  • fiber 36.3 g
  • protein 30 g
  • salt 0.15 g

Net weight: 200g

Country of origin Poland


  • organic defatted ground flaxseed
  • bio cocoa
  • bio lucuma

Store in a tightly closed container in a dry and cool place.

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