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MIPAMA SP. J., the owner of the DIET-FOOD brand, is a company that has been operating in the Polish market for almost 25 years. Until 2013, the company dealt with the import and export of vegetables and fruits. In 2013, we decided to rebrand. We started importing and selling konjac pasta under our DIET-FOOD brand. A year later, in 2014, we expanded our offer with superfood products and argan oils. However, we have not rested on our laurels and we are constantly expanding our product base.

Our company is a kind of manufacturer, thanks to which the customer can be sure that all products are of the highest quality, and thanks to the fact that the products are hand-packed, we are characterized by almost pharmacy precision.

Our raw materials come from Brazil, Peru, Romania, and China. All products have quality certificates issued by appropriate units.

If you think that natural food products cannot be tasty, then try our products and see that it is not true! DIET-FOOD is an ecological gluten-free online store, thanks to which healthy food changes its image. Our products are the best proof that you can provide your body with the necessary nutrients while satisfying your appetite for delicious food. In the assortment, you will find tasty superfoods, teas, drinks, proteins, dietary supplements, gluten-free pasta, and snacks. In addition, we offer konjac sponges for the face and body. Most of our products are bio, supported by a certified logo in the form of a green leaf. Our organic online health food store is a place for everyone who cares about what they put on their plate and wants the products they choose to be as nutritious and tasty as possible.

As producers, we can offer cooperation with other companies. We can provide the products with a label or stick a sticker (pasta, sponges) in any language.

We are very flexible in business.

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