• Bio Super Detox Mix 300 g

Our Bio Super Detox Mix is a 100% natural and organic product. All its ingredients are certified organic.

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Bio Super Detox Mix

Bio Super Detox Mix Powder conditioner 300g

Contains spirulina powder, chlorella powder, barley grass powder and wheatgrass powder from organic farming in one tablespoon (about 15 g), we added powdered lucuma and energizing cocoa to enrich both taste and nutritional values. Bio Super Spirulina is a source of many minerals, vitamins and acids. Spirulina is very rich in protein, antioxidants and all essential fatty acids. It has a beneficial effect on the immune system, can support the weight loss process and has properties that help cleanse the body of toxins and heavy metals. Chlorella is the richest known source of chlorophyll, which increases the production of red blood cells in the body. It also has the properties of detoxifying the body and is rich in vegetable protein. We especially recommend people suffering from iron and calcium deficiency. Young barley grass contain a lot of chlorophyll, which helps build red blood cells. It is a very rich source of vitamins and microelements. Barley sprouts, such as Chlorella and Spirulina, help to cleanse the body of heavy metals and toxins. The powdered sprouts of young wheat are a great storehouse of plant-based protein, it also contains plenty of antioxidants, large amounts of chlorophyll, which restores the alkalinity of the blood and supports the production of blood cells. Lucuma is a fruit rich in vitamins, has properties that have a huge impact on our immunity, cocoa powder is a natural storehouse of micronutrients and iron - ingredients that have a significant impact on the proper functioning of the human body. Our Bio Detox was created from the combination of these unusual ingredients, it is a complete product, which is not only a brilliant source of vegetable protein, but also a sensational detox for our bodies, its regular use will ensure a healthy and fresh look. Bio Detox is highly recommended to people who want to follow a diet and a healthy diet - it can be used in the initial stage of dieting as a kind of "detoxifying agent", which through an unhealthy lifestyle has managed to absorb a certain dose of heavy metals from foods and toxins from various stimulants.

A method of preparing

Mix one tablespoon (approx. 15 g) with your favorite milk, yoghurt or juice, add to cereals, desserts or salads. You can also add to your favorite shake. To effectively improve your well-being, consume at least 1 tablespoon a day. With this use, the packaging will last about 1.5 months. Store in a tightly closed container in a dry and cool place.

Ingredients and allergic information

Ingredients: organic:
  • wheat grass
  • barley
  • cocoa
  • chlorella
  • spirulina
  • lucuma
Allergic Information: The product may contain soy, wheat and gluten

Nutritional values

Nutritional values in 100 g:
  • energy value 948 kJ / 298 kcal
  • fat 4.5 g including saturated 1.7 g
  • carbohydrates 27 g of which sugars 5,7 g
  • fiber 40 g
  • protein 26 g
  • salt 0.3 g
Net weight: 300 g

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